Employer Sponsored
Permanent Residency

Had the most amazing experience with these guys!

Words can’t thank Nicola enough with what she's done for me, she’s an absolute diamond would recommend to everyone!


Migration Pathways - Testimonial 1

De Facto / Spouse Visa

"Words will never describe how grateful I am for Nicola and the service she has provided and I would 100% recommend her as an immigration lawyer.

She assisted in the grant of my partner visa and made the process so much easier and less overwhelming. She guided me the whole way and that was great. More than that she went out of her way to assist me when I needed to leave Australia due to personal reasons due to COVID.

She has been an absolute guardian angel and I will never be able to thank her enough."


Employer Sponsored Permanent Residency

"I was first graced with Nicola through an external company when I was looking for Sponsorship back in 2016.

Nicola was extremely welcoming to me and made me feel so comfortable with my issues regarding getting sponsored. She got me my first employer based sponsorship in August 2017, the very same day the company went into administration. Nicola was on the phone straight away to tell me what I would need to do to stay in Australia to better my outcome.

I was lucky and moved companies on Nicola’s advice. Within a year the government changed legislation and i was told I’d need to move regional to have a chance of Permanent Residency. I luckily had a company big enough to abide by that so I moved from Melbourne to Cairns.

Within a few days Nicola advised me that my application would have to be in before the new legislation came through on the19th of Nov 2019. On the 18th Nov 2019 we lodged my application. On 2 months to the day of lodging my application I was an approved Permanent Resident.

I would highly recommend Nicola and Migration Pathways to anyone that has the most sticky situation. It was the smoothest transition of the most difficult situations, and for their calm and quick acting professionalism I’m a Permanent Resident. Thank you so much to your hard working team!"


Spouse Visa

Paul and Barb needed to lodge a spouse visa application, although much of their evidence has been destroyed in Cyclone Larry.

Migration Pathways put together a submission and supporting evidence to illustrate their relationship, and they very successful and had a fast outcome. Paul is the owner of On the Wallaby and Uncle Brains Tours and is constantly with people from the international community.

“Thank you for your professional help and friendship over the past few months. It has been a hard time for us and we couldn't have done it without you. Best wishes to you and your family and thank you for setting up ours!”

Barbara and Paul, (Atherton Tablelands, Far North Queensland)

Migration Pathways - Testimonial 4

Student Visa

“Nicola was recommended to me by a family member for the purposes of acquiring a Student Visa. As it turned out, she was responsible for so much more than assisting in the original Visa application.”

Migration Pathways - Testimonial 5

“I needed guidance on many issues such as the possibilities of working as a student and what other options I had once my Visa expires. Nicola was an authority on all the issues that I had raised."

"Whilst her knowledge of the profession is exceptional, she was also very patient and helpful, explaining each step of the process to me.As a client, there was minimal form filling for me, as she took care of most of the laborious repetition on the forms automatically."

In short, I would strongly recommend Migration Pathways as a hassle free and informed business, that is really working for your best interests. I have recommended Migration Pathways to several people since I received my Student Visa and have every faith that their experience would be as hassle free as mine.”

Anthony, (Cairns, Far North Queensland)

Spouse Visa

Nicola and Shane had heard through some of Migration Pathways other clients that they would receive great service. 

It didn't matter that they lived in a different state of Australia, they still enjoyed professional and efficient service.

“Thank you for your advice, your help, your positivity and most of all thank you for the best outcome we could ever imagine.You have taken a huge weight off our shoulders, so we thank you for everything you have done for us.”

Nicola and Shane, (Sydney)

Migration Pathways - Spouse Visa

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